Choosing the Right Coho Fly Rod

Hopefully the idea of saltwater flyfishing for Coho sounds appealing enough to lead you in choosing the right coho fly rod!?? By now you should know that there are many factors and elements that effect the way you are fishing in the open ocean environment that will effect the choice of tackle that you will add to your arsenal. The length of any fly rod is simply determined by where you are fishing and for what type of fish.

With that said lets have a close look at rods.?? First we need to keep in mind that we are on the ocean where chances are good there will be lots of wind, strong rip tides and peppy Coho waiting to strip your line.

Once we have recognized those factors we can become more educated in what action our rod should be.?? Because we have heavier than average flies on the end of the line and because there are strong currents, fish and winds that are constantly trying to snap our rod into pieces, we should choose a fast-action rod at around the 8 wt(weight) tension.

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Choosing the right coho fly rod given the elements against you, a heavy fly, and fish that can bolt through the water like a heat seeking torpedo, it???s important that you can move your line swiftly through the elements and get your fly to where the fish are, in an instant upon seeing them. ??There are a few great rods out there that will do this for you and the sky is the limit when it comes to quality and price.

Remember that you are fishing saltwater folks! ??Saltwater will corrode like nothing else, so always choose the proper gear and make sure you clean the saltwater off thoroughly with freshwater after every use.?? I would recommend an 11 foot rod with a line weight of 7-9 (7-9 wt.) for the best steelhead or coho fast action fly rod, but of course you can move to a rod for salmon that is 8-10 wt. ????Of course the fancier, lighter and better built rods are going to cost you, but a combination of eyelettes used in the construction as well as resins, reel seat strength and durability will be major factors in rod lifetime.

Any experienced angler will tell you two things: ???different gear for different conditions??? and ???an angler is only as good as his arsenal.????? For the beginner who can???t afford a small mortgage to spend on the latest and greatest, or doesn???t have the foggiest when it comes to choosing the right coho fly reel, I hope the above guides will help you to choose the right coho rod at least, giving you an idea of what you need to buy online. Just always keep in mind, where you are fishing and for what.