Fluorocarbon Line For Fishing – Information

fluorocarbon fishing lineWhen you choose a Salmon fishing line there are many options and here are a few questions you will need to ask yourself before making a purchase for the kind of line you need. Keep in mind that there are also other kinds of leader and line materials that may be used for all sorts of sports fishing, available to you here on GoSalmonFishing.com

What type of Salmon am I targeting?

If you are targeting Spring (King) salmon and you are on a river, you will most likely be bottom bouncing and casting far out into a swift current, so you’ll need something quite heavy to fight the current and the pull of a big Spring.

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Even when targeting other species, choose a heavier line because should you get into a Spring rather than the species you are after you’ll have your hands full, and even with your drag backed way off landing a 25lb Chinook may still be extremely challenging for any skill level.

If your not bottom bouncing but casting out into the current and letting your line sink to the bottom using a spin-n-glow – which is another very popular method – than you’ll also need the same heavy line.

What type of water am I fishing?

If you are fishing strong freshwater currents you will want strong leader material again, to fight both fish and current. If you are fishing Coho, for example, in crystal clear water you most likely will want a line that is lighter and more “stealthy” as Coho are easily spooked out of holes and don’t go for robust lures or bait and are very picky when it comes to presentation.

If the water is higher because of runoff and the water is more of a “tea green” color then it’s possible you will get away with a heavier leader. Allot of fishermen love this “foggy water” condition for Coho fishing as it’s usually more productive.