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Malin Stainless Steel Hard-Wire Leader
Make sure toothy predators dont slice their way to freedom with Malins Stainless Steel Hard-Wire Leader. Single-strand design offers protection from sharp teeth and abrasion. Torsion straightened and treated so it isnt noticeable in the water. Packaged in



Offshore Angler Nylon-Coated Wire Leaders - Black
Premium Nylon-Coated Wire Leaders are wrapped at the ends (not crimped), to ensure these high-quality leaders are tough enough for sharp teeth, stronger, less visible and more weed-resistant than ever. These Nylon-Coated Wire Leaders feature a tough barre



Scotty Mini PowerGrip Plus Release Clips with Wire Leader - nickel
A compact version of Scottys popular PowerGrip Plus Release Clips, these Mini PowerGrip Plus Release Clips are complete with a heavy-duty wire leader and nickel self-locating snap to allow for downrigger line stacking. The Mini PowerGrip Plus Release Clip