Popular In Line Spinners

If you want to catch trout, panfish, redfish or bass, in-line spinners are a fantastic way to attract these fish.

In salmon related articles I talk about how much I love the Blue Fox Vibrax and nothing changes here either! This is simply one of the most productive and effective lures I’ve ever used and the Blue Fox line is tested and true!

There are other fantastic lure that I like to use for trout and bass like Mepps, Panther and Terminator, so I’ve included them on this page for you to look at and compare prices. We have awesome stock and competitive prices so you’re sure to always get a great bargain on tackle!

Check out the various lures and tackle that we offer right here at gosalmonfishing.com!

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Blue Fox Vibrax Super Bou - Black
"This Blue Fox Vibrax Super Bou bait sports a unique combination of marabou, hackle and flashabou fibers that create a wavy action, triggering aggressive strikes. Tandem blades and free-turning brass gear produces fish-attracting vibration and sound. Heav



Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet Spinner
"Get the fish-catching prowess of the classic Vibrax in deeper waters with the Vibrax Bullet Spinner from Blue Fox. The long-casting in-line blade runs 2 to 6 ft and is designed to catch fish in deeper water or faster currents. The blade spins on the shaf



Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spin
"Grab the attention of the wariest fish with this enticing Vibrax Minnow Spin by Blue Fox. An essential in any tackle box, this lure combines the tight action of the balsa wood body and the flash of the in-line spinner to imitate a wide variety of forage,



Blue Fox Vibrax Shallow Spinner - Chartreuse
"Tremendous spinners for skinny water, these Blue Fox Vibrax Shallow Spinners are effective over shallow structures or when fish are surface feeding. Designed with a 60 blade that helps keep the spinner from running deeper than 2 and produces an irresisti


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