Hardbait - Lipless Cranks

Monday, August 20th 2018.


Hardbait has a number of different terms to describe them like traps, rattles or lipless crank baits. No matter the name, these are very versatile hardbaits and will find fish at many different depths of water. some of the most versatile hardbaits out there when it comes to targeting fish at varying depths.

There is one brand that stood above the pack called the "Rat-L-Trap" designed by Bill Lewis. This was a premier lure and had much of the market. Sice then, there has been a resurgeance of brands that have come to the table with their rendition's of their own lipless hardbait like Yozuri and Lucky Craft.

Depending on your experience and wallet your choice of lipless baits will vary from detailed, expensive and extensive, to cheap, few and basic until you gain confidence in your tactics to buy more advanced tackle. Here are some of the best out there:


Cabela's Mean Eye Rip-N-Shad - Natural
"Engineered to rip through structure with a tight wobble and fish-attracting rattle to draw fish in. The Mean Eye Rip-N-



Lucky Craft Screw Pointer - Chartreuse
"Built with two whirling prop blades, the Lucky Craft Screw Pointer delivers a heavy churning action that alerts predato