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PENN Squall Levelwind/Offshore Angler Power Stick Conventional Rod and Reel Combo - aluminum
Powerful blue-water conventional tackle at a great price! This PENN Squall Levelwind/Offshore Angler Power Stick Combo gives you the advantage against large saltwater game fish. The PENN Squall Levelwind Reel is lightweight yet super-strong, with its rei



Penn Squall Lever Drag Conventional Combo - aluminum
Save money and land yourself a superb near-shore fishing setup with the Penn Squall Lever Drag Conventional Combo. The rapid-adjusting lever drag on the Squall reel sits below the top of the reel frame, so its out of the way of line loops and slack line.



PennWarfare Conventional Combo - aluminum
Penns Warfare Star Drag and Levelwind Combo delivers a money-saving setup thats perfect for chasing your favorite saltwater quarry. Three-bearing Warfare Reel boasts lightweight graphite frame and sideplates along with forged and machined aluminum spool