Salmon Spinning Rods

Wednesday, August 21st 2019.

Salmon spinning rods are the most widely used method of fishing for many anglers as it's easy to cast and backlash resistance makes this type of setup ideal for beginners. It is because of the ease of use and advantage of a quick spool replacement in the chance of a backlash that the benefits out weigh some of the other rods in use. More advanced anglers will switch over to the more "finesse" style of casting rods, which although harder to use, is more effective when fishing salmon or steelhead and a little less bulky.

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Spinning rigs are very effective for fishing live bait, casting small lures and the ability to leave the bail open, allowing line to unspool undetected by spooked fish.

Spinning rod and reel selection is important when fishing salmon in variouse types of water, as under preperation of gear could easily lead to getting "spooled" by a large Chinook in fast water if your spool doesn't have the line capacity. If your rod is to small you can kiss both halves of it goodbye when a springer smashes your setup in swift rapids. Overkill isn't the answer, but having a little margin of error is a good thing to keep in mind.

Spinning rods are designed with the reel seated under the rod as opposed to a baitcasting rod where it's ontop of the rod. You could say that a spinning rig is the complete opposite of a baitcasting setup. This type of rig is held by placing the reel's "T" support shaft between the middle and either the index or ring finger for added control. When your'e targetting salmon you'll need every bit of control and grip from an un expected salmon strike.

How to handle buying a handle

Cork and EVA foam are going to be the most common materials used in spinning rods. The "old boys" like the feel of cork although you'll see quality rods are commonly made with both. A cork conoseur will tell you that the best cork to have on a handle is Portuguese cork for durablility and quality. EVA foam will be better for a rod holder as it stands up better to that type of abuse as well as stains and marking from the holder. If you're looking to cast longer, then the option of a two handed grip is also available and provides the angler with even more control and stability from salmon attacks.

Some of the latest spinning rod designs allow you to place part of your hand on the rod blank. This blank exposure will transmit more feeling to you and allow you to feel whats going on in the river with more intensity. The downside to this is it's not insulated like cork is and on a cold day while fishing for winter run steelhead in British Columbia or Oregon, your hands get cold fast!

Selecting a spinning reel seat

The idea here is to make sure that the spinning reel will accept most brands of reels. A quality rod will have some cusioning in the clamps that allow for a snug fit that isn't going to loosen on you in the middle of fighting a king salmon. There's nothing more annoying that having to tighten your grip ever five minuites, or even worse, while there's a fish on the other end.

Looking at line guides

When you buy salmon spinning rods, you want line guides that are going to be smooth as to not damage your line or superline. When you choose your rod you will also want to make sure that the material is going to stand up to the fish you're fighting and a nylon or plastic guide just won't cut it with salmon.....actually it will do just that! It will cut you're line in a cast or in a fight! Get something made from a high quality alloy or titanium type material that will stand up to the elements and wear of use.

Rod blank composition - you get what you pay for!

Why would two rods sitting on the shelf that have basically the same component makeup have a difference in price of 320 dollars? Well it's usually more difficult than what is seen by the naked eye and further breakdown of the materials will reveal that a rod mad of a quality resin, cork and reel seat is a critical factor that distinguishes price as well as performance, so don't be cheap if you can help it as it will last you in the long run if you spend that extra 40 bucks.


Just keep in mind that when you choose a salmon spinning rod that you are buying a piece of equipment that is designed to catch salmon! You need to use the information on these pages that will give you all ammo to buy the proper tackle so that you are not over or under the preparation scale of things. If you need to buy something, always research and know more than the guy that sells you the item. Be an intelligent comsumer and make smart decisions and that way when you buy things like salmon trolling rods or fishing tackle it will last you and be more productive for you.