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Getting to know each one of the following sections will provide enough education to viewers, in order to catch, identify and keep or release their salmon, or cook up a great salmon recipe for everyone to enjoy. This website is built to have all of the resources needed to plan a day out on the water, if it’s saltwater salmon fishing or freshwater salmon fishing we make sure you’ve got the information.

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Quick Salmon Fish Overview:

Salmon are one of the most popular of all fish, both for eating and for recreational fishing. Almost all salmon species are born in fresh water, but live the majority of their lives in ocean waters. They will then return to the stream where they hatched to spawn before they die.

Because salmon are found in the largest oceans in the world (the Pacific and the Atlantic), most cultures which live along coasts or spawning streams (including North American culture) include the species as a staple in their diet. The most diverse group of salmon fish are those which live in the Pacific ocean. If you visit our salmon species page you can learn much more.

Salmon Fishing Tackle

Salmon fishing can take place in a number of environments, so there are several different kinds of salmon fishing tackle available. The type of tackle you select will depend on whether you are going out for a freshwater or saltwater species, and whether you intend to cast or troll. Knowing what kind of conditions to use these different tackles is invaluable and we are here to help.

Fishing tackle that is used for salmon is typically very robust; all of the salmon species are likely to put up a good fight when hooked and you don’t want a big one to get away. The common ingredient in all salmon fishing tackle is a good, heavy line that won’t snap on the landing and a knot that’s quick, easy and tougher than Grandmas fruitcake from last year. Choosing tackle is an art too, and as you become more advanced, you will learn where you can get away with different tackle in various situations.

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Salmon Species

The salmon family is one of the most diverse group of all fish species. Salmon are found in both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. The group of fish in the Atlantic ocean are simply known as Atlantic salmon due to their similarities. The Pacific Ocean, on the other hand, has a much larger group of these fish which are more easily distinguished from one another.

Five species can be found along the West Coast of North America, and one more around the Japanese, Korean, and Russian coasts. In addition, several land-locked fish species are also salmon, such as Kokanee and Huchen. Salmon species are one of the most sought-after fish in the world and because of this it’s good to be able to tell them apart! In the salmon species section, we will help you target, catch and identify particular salmon with detailed photos, descriptions and more.

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Saltwater Salmon Fishing

The unique thing about salmon is that they can be fished both in saltwater and in freshwater. They are likely to put up a lot more fight in their marine saltwater environment if they are an ocean going species as opposed to the end of their spawn in the freshwater system. In the ocean phase of their cycle, the salmon are naturally “brighter chrome” before heading to freshwater, which can make for some amazing photography and experience.

Some fishermen enjoy the freedom of the fish in the saltwater, as the fish are able to move around a vessel freely and quickly. Fishing for salmon in saltwater is a totally unique experience, and is probably one of the most popular saltwater fishing excursions that there is. In North America, you can go saltwater salmon fishing on either coast, as there are species of salmon native to each ocean.

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Freshwater Salmon Fishing

When a lot of people think about salmon fishing, they think about saltwater fishing. Salmon species can be fished in freshwater as well as salt. One of the most obvious occurrences is when the salmon are moving from their saltwater environments into freshwater river mouths for the spawn. There are hundreds of people that fish for salmon in this freshwater environment, as well as all the way up to their freshwater spawning grounds.

During this adventure through a gantlet of rocks and rapids to their birth place, if hooked, the salmon can feel incredibly heavy when compounded with the drag of the water currant, making for an amazing fight on the river!! In addition, there are a couple of species of salmon that only live in freshwater, such as the Kokanee and the land-locked Atlantic. Freshwater salmon fishing for these species can pose all the excitement that their saltwater cousins offer and often more, with the adventures of travelling from spot to spot though the wilderness.

Learn more about freshwater salmon fishing.

Salmon Recipes

Of all of the fish recipes there are, probably no one species has more culinary expertise dedicated to it than the salmon. Salmon are a popular dining fish among people all over the world, and the number of recipes out there certainly reflects this. Nothin’ beats a “cedar plank salmon” fresh off of the BBQ and we’ve got the recipe’s that have been absolute hits at dinner parties and high class eateries.

The list that could be recited would put Bubba of Forrest Gump and his shrimp to shame. Part of the reason for the huge amount of recipes is the different cultures that have used salmon as a staple. Japanese sushi and North American smoked salmon recipes come from two very different groups of people, but the same fish! Check out our recipes section to learn more or write to us if you would like us to post one of your recipes that you and yours enjoy.

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Salmon Fishing Guides

Salmon fishing guides are often called big game fishermen, offshore sport fishermen or offshore big game fishermen. The reasons are obvious as some of the Spring and Chinook Salmon that are caught in some Alaska fishing charters can get up to 70 lbs plus! The good king salmon guide will often go quite far out to sea where land is not visible.

Some of the most popular guides are located along the N.W. Coast of Canada and the US as well as Alaska. California and Oregon are also places where there have been productive fishing guide outfits, but perhaps one of the best places for an avid angler to frequent is either an Alaskan fishing charter or Queen Charlotte Islands salmon guide, because of the sheer size of the King salmon caught in those areas.

Salmon Fishing Guides

Salmon Fishing Tips and Techniques

Salmon fishing tips and techniques have been an oddity when it comes to finding out what the best gear is to use from the best fishermen around! Go Salmon Fishing want’s to make it easier for youngsters and beginners to get out there and be involved in the sport successfully so there is a growing interest in this endangered species.

We want you to have all the tips with the right tackle in the right conditions and also be able to arm you with all of the information on how to go about buying the proper tackle and salmon gear for your level of fishing. With all of the tips and techniques that Go Salmon Fishing provides and will continue to provide, there’s no limit to what you can learn and how successful you will become on the river or Ocean.

Salmon Fishing Tips and Techniques

GSF Photo Gallery

GSF (Go Salmon Fishing) photo gallery is a place where you can check out some of our viewers catches that they’ve sent in! Steelhead photos as well as massive Chinook and Sockeye salmon. If you have any photos that you would like to send in for viewers to see on the very front page, send them in and GSF will gladly post it for you. You can send your salmon pictures to us via our contact page or you can just browse our photo gallery for your viewing pleasure!

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