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Aqua-Vu AV Micro II Underwater Camera
An underwater camera system thats the same size as a smartphone to fit easily in a pocket. Color camera has an IR lighting system with auto-light sensing for ideal viewing. View fish on the 3.5 color LCD. Includes battery charger and 50-ft. cable with int



Aqua-Vu HD7i Pro Underwater-Viewing System
"Dark waters wont hide fish from Aqua-Vus HD7i Pro Underwater-Viewing System. Super Low Light Vu Technology and adjustable IR lighting allow you to see fish in dimly lit waters, and the high-definition 720p XD camera captures the action in full color. Day



Aqua-Vu Revolution 5 Pro Underwater Camera
"Get a glimpse of those monsters lurking below with Aqua-Vus Revolution 5 Pro Underwater Camera. Micro-camera with adjustable IR lighting captures the action below the waves in incredible detail. Built-in DVR allows you to record video and snap still imag



Aqua-Vu Revolution 5 Underwater Camera
"Thanks to a micro-camera with adjustable IR lighting, Aqua-Vus Revolution 5 Underwater Cameracaptures the action below the waves in incredible detail. Innovative Revolution Integrated Camera Reel System ensures hassle-free deployment and retrieval. Remov



MarCum VS485c Underwater Camera
"View whats going on beneath the surface with incredible detail using MarCums VS485c Underwater Camera System. The 7 widescreen flat-panel high-resolution monitor boasts an 800x480-pixel display. Sonys most powerful Super HAD II CCD camera features a 1/3



MarCum Recon 5 Underwater Camera - Black
"Take full advantage of MarCum cutting-edge technology in the Recon 5, a compact underwater viewing system small enough to fit in your pocket. Perfect for the mobile angler who wants to lighten their load. High-resolution flat-panel 5 LCD delivers superio


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