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How To Find Dependable Salmon Fishing Guides

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Booking an expert angler for an adventure, is an exciting way to see Salmon in their natural Saltwater or Freshwater habitat. How to find dependable salmon fishing guides can be a little more tricky though.

Don’t be surprised to catch massive Chinook or Coho and even a Halibut when you have someone who knows what they’re doing, all while having the opportunity to take in the beautiful ocean scenery and possibly even spot a whale or pod of dolphins porpoising out of the water, but get someone who doesn’t and is ill-prepared and you could find yourself never going again – and we don’t want that!

Guides have risen in popularity over the past 20 years and for those who don’t have a large amount of time to become masters of the craft of fishing, anglers such as Steelhead fishing guides can be often the only way an in-experienced Steelheader will ever catch one of these illusive species of fish. These guides usually target anglers (guests) who are not afraid to do a little work to make their catch, where Chinook Salmon guides are usually willing to do a little more given the fact that these fish are more abundant and usually easier to catch.

King Salmon guides are not just found on the deep blue sea though! If you look further into these exciting expeditions of fishing adventures, you’ll easily run into many other fishing excursions to possibly take part in such as Coho / Silver Salmon fishing charters and Sturgeon fishing guides, that are found on freshwater rivers and streams that can be equally or sometimes more exciting than an ocean adventure!

Both ocean fishing and river fishing have their benefits and the one that first comes to mind is the fact that river fishing is usually easier access, cheaper and easier on someone who gets sea sickness at simply the idea of rollers on the great big sea. When I think of benefits of ocean fishing I think of freshness of fish, abundance, beauty of the ocean and the fact that you have opportunities to catch other fish like cod, halibut and various pacific salmon all in the same trip.

If you can get expert Sockeye / Red or Halibut fishing guidance that specializes in catching one type of fish species with the possibility of catching others you’ll always come home with something and these types of mentors are usually a great bargain if you’re in it for something specific. Usually these guides are really good at their craft.

Alaskan salmon fishing guides can lead you to some of the best salmon fishing know to man! Many offer trips on the river, ocean as well as fly fishing for steelhead and trout or even hunting excursions! With the abundance of wildlife and serenity of the country it’s a sure win! If you can’t make it that far north, there is an amazing abundance of BC guides that can get you to amazing spots on the ocean or even on the rivers. British Columbia guides are also known to be some of the best anglers in the world.

Tip: Most outfits will have a website where you can call them and ask them what you need to bring with you. I strongly recommend finding these websites and take from them what you can.

It’s advisable to do some research on salmon guiding services and accommodations before you take the plunge, as it can be a costly mistake if you are not satisfied. Soon you’ll be able to find fishing guides / charters by region right here if you are planning to stay close to home or travel somewhere specific. Just don’t forget to tell em’ who sent ya!

If you have a link to a charter that you think could help someone to find dependable salmon fishing guides and have had a great experience with or you are a charter yourself that would like to advertise or be involved in this site, please contact us at our contact page. Thanks for visiting and good luck out there.

Salmon Eye Fishing Charters

The west coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia has some great salmon and halibut fishing. And some guides care about more than just catching fish – mind you you should catch a boat load here!

All of Salmon Eye Charters’ guides have at least 15 years experience guiding and will get you into some great action. However catching fish is not the only way to having a good time.

A guide is also a coach and Salmon Eye Charters’ fishing guides know how to give you a good time while making you comfortable in an environment that may be foreign to you. Screaming reels and tons of excitement are how every trip should go and the guide is a big reason for this. Visit (Salmon Eye’s website)–this being hyperlinked to— for great fishing videos, picture blogs from the past 4 years, and easy to book fishing packages at

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