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Everyone needs to know that if there is one piece of tackle that you need in your box in order to catch fish like walleye, crappie or muskie you’ll need spinner baits or buzzbait kits to be succsessful.

Buzzbait molds are available to make your own version of boogerman or cavitron buzz baits, but if you don’t have the time and money, then check out some of these great spinner baits below that are a must in any anglers gear box!

We have buzzbait blades from quinny, Cabelas, Rapala, Mepps and Luhr Jensen just to name a few, but the most popular and best selling are probably the Booyah, Yo Zuri and Terminator buzz baits. These lures have been know to ice fishermen to be very productive with it’s action in the low light lakes. They emit an effective flash using the available light and some create sound that fish can’t help but get hungry hearing.

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Shakespeare Bass Tackle Box Kit
The Shakespeare Bass Tackle Box Kit contains fishing essentials every angler needs to put more bass at the end of their line. Comes ready to fish in a special utility box designed to snap onto your rod for convenient transport. Includes a rigging guide.