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A fish tale has been out there for years!  I know you’ve heard it!  Well if you haven’t, for years the tale has been that only ten percent of the anglers out there are catching a staggering ninety percent of the fish! Well I’m here to tell you that this tale has been true for as long as I’ve been fishing.

how to take a hook out of a fish's mouth

I’m not an advanced angler by any stretch but know enough to tell you that fishermen who catch salmon on a regular basis have two factors in the palms of their hands – literally.

Factor one is time on the water.

The more time your line is in the water, the better chance you have…bar none!  Second is the skill factor or technique.

Finding where the salmon are holding, when to fish at that spot and how to choose which lure or what type of bait or tackle, is possibly the most important factor of all!

First you need to realize that there are as many techniques to catching salmon as there are salmon…LOTS! So what we may find successful you may not. We may not even know what techniques you use to be successful out there, but we would love to hear about it. In the mean time though let’s look at some of the basic ways of fishing for salmon and then we’ll move forward in breaking them down further;

Trolling For Salmon – Doesn’t matter if you’re in freshwater or saltwater, plug trolling is one of the most effective ways to troll for salmon and remains one of the top techniques for early season salmon fishing because of water coverage. We walk you through the steps of both systems as well as cover various other topics such as trolling spoons in both salt and freshwater, how to downrig and what anchor fishing is all about.

River Fishing – River fishing is the most popular way for sports anglers to get out there especially because of it’s many possible techniques. We cover how to properly bottom bounce or bar fish, how to drift fish out of a boat, and the differences of the ever popular American Backtrolling and Bottom Bouncing methods.

Jigging For Salmon – Jigging for salmon in freshwater systems is becoming very popular among anglers seeking the ever illusive steelhead in freshwater rivers. We expose the art of jigging for salmon in saltwater as well as Coho and freshwater steelhead in this article.

Gear Fishing For Salmon – Gear is a very broad term, but when it comes to anglers who have been in the game long enough, know that lures, spinners and spoons are part of a successful anglers arsenal when it comes to tackle and a good day on the water. We go over steelhead lures, Coho spinners and Chinook smashing Spin-n-glows for both freshwater and saltwater situations.

Flyfishing – Catching a trout on a fly rod is one thing, but when you multiply what’s on the other end by 10 or more it becomes a work of art (work being the operative word!). Go Salmon Fishing covers the absolute beauty of spey rod casting of flies – including both fresh and saltwater patterns. We teach you the ropes of flyfishing for Coho on rivers and lakes as well as the exciting pursuit of Steelhead and Humpies on a fly.

Bait Fishing and Baitcasting – Where the regulations allow the use of bait in both freshwater and saltwater is without a doubt one of the best ways to fish for salmon and we want you to know the tactics if you are able to do so.

Winter Steelhead Fishing – There is a secret about Steelheading British Columbia in every scenario including when it comes to changing seasons. Go Salmon exposes both Winter and Summer Steelhead fishing tactics in B.C. to give you the fight of a lifetime that you will never forget and keep you heading North for more.