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Betts 4-Piece Dry Fly Assortment
The Betts® 4-Piece Dry Fly Assortment contains proven fly patterns, tied by professionals. Untrimmed hackle keeps dry flies riding high, and wings are matched and well divided. The Betts Dry Fly Assortment includes: Black Gnat, Royal Coachman, McGinty,



RIO Yellow Sally Dry Fly Assortment
Match warm summer-day hatches with the RIO® Yellow Sally Dry Fly Assortment. Yellow Sally flies imitate golden stoneflies, one of the smaller members of the stonefly family common to freestone streams and rivers. As one of their favorite delicacies, tr



K &E Stopper Lures Dry Fly Kit
Get everything you need for chasing trout on the surface with the K & E Stopper Lures Dry Fly Kit. This fly-fishing kit includes a variety of proven dry flies that appeal to trout. Imported. Perfect for trout Assortment of popular dry flies



Perfect Hatch Premium 10-Pack Dry Fly Assortment
When trout are sipping dries off the surface, you'll be glad to have the Perfect Hatch® Premium 10-Pack Dry Fly Assortment in your fly box of tricks! These dry flies are tied with premium materials on high-carbon, chemically sharpened hooks. The Perfec



Perfect Hatch 8-Pack Grab N' Go Dry Fly Assortment
The Perfect Hatch® 8-Pack Grab N' Go Dry Fly Assortment gives you 8 proven dry-fly patterns for targeting those fish sipping meals off the surface! These trout flies were carefully chosen for their time-tested performance and are tied with the best mat



Cabela's 10-Piece Classic Dry Fly Assortment
From an Adams to a Wulff Royal, our Cabela's® 10-Piece Classic Dry Fly Assortment has what you need to match the forage in play on your favorite trout water. This all-star selection of beautifully crafted dry flies features 10 time-tested patterns, al