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Cabela's Keel Downrigger Weights - Orange
"A downrigger weight designed for true performance. The keel ensures accurate tracking and prevents cable twisting. Reflective prism tape is attached to both sides of the keel for extra sparkle and flash. 6mm vinyl coating prevents scratches. Weight: 4 lb



Cabela's Directional Downrigger Weight - Black
"Cabelas Directional Downrigger Weight has a concave molded design that causes your outside downrigger cables to swing to the side of your boat, giving downriggers more spread. 12 lbs. with durable black vinyl coating and stainless-steel eyes. The unit is



Cabela's Pancake Downrigger Weights - Black
"The rounded disc of our Pancake Weights creates less drag while tracking straight. Weight: 10 lb., 13 lb. Colors: Black, Orange. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Downrigger Weight."



Cabela's Fish Downrigger Weight - Black
"Not just an effective tool to get your lures to the right depth, the Fat Fish also is the sure way to start a big-fish feeding frenzy. When everything else fails, the Fat Fish helps draw fish in close. Weight: 8 lb. Color: Black. Cancer and Reproductive



Cabela's Keel Downrigger Weight Raw
"Cabelas Keel Downrigger Weight ensures accurate tracking and prevents cable twisting, so youll spend less time untangling knots and more time fishing. Wt: 6 lbs., 8 lbs. Color: Raw. Cancer and Reproductive Harm-"



Greenfield Products Cast Iron Downrigger Weights - Black
"Greenfield Products Cast Iron Downrigger Weights are an affordable alternative to traditional cast lead downrigger weights. These Greenfield Products Cast Iron Downrigger Weights have performance comparable to lead by distributing weight throughout a low



Scotty Downrigger Weight Mate
"The Scotty Downrigger Weight Mate holds your downrigger weight securely and safely. Only the Scotty Downrigger Weight Mate can ensure smooth, accurate operation of your downrigger weight time after time. When you need quality downrigger parts, trust the


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