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Eagle Claw 100-Piece Model 84 Baitholder Hook Kit - Bronze
"Great all-around bait hooks in classic bronze. Kit comes with 25 Model 84 bronze hooks in each size; 10, 6, 4, 2 for all kinds of fishing needs. Hooks have Eagle Claw Points with ringed eyes and a plain shank. Includes tackle box. Cancer and Reproductive



Mustad 35-Piece Bass Hook Kit - Black
"Specially selected for the bass angler, the Mustad 35-Piece Bass Hook Kit covers a number of specialized rigging options for soft-plastic baits. This kit gives you an assortment of premium Mustad hooks 7 each of 5 proven varieties for handling everything



WRIGHT MCGILL CO TroKar EWG Worm Hook Kit - carbon
"Trokars EWG Worm Hook Kit will help you turn more bites into hookups. This ready-to-fish assortment gives you the most oft-used sizes of both the standard and heavy-duty Trokar Magworm Extra-Wide Gap styles, so you can quickly adapt to different baits an


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