Alaska Salmon Fishing Guides

alaska fishing guidesAlaska Salmon fishing guides are people who are going to show you angling that you will never forget in a place that is considered pristine untouched wilderness, compared to the hustle and bustle of any other fishing trips that you may endeavor.

Many river guides will offer trout fishing, fly fishing or steelhead fishing in the off season with some fishing guides actually playing a dual role and act as hunting guides as well.

Often These Alaska Salmon fishing lodges have a full package that you can opt in for during your Alaska salmon fishing trip that can include Alaska wildlife viewing, Steelhead fishing or King salmon fishing, a place to sleep and eat as well as possible hunting excursions all for one price.

Wild Salmon are abundant on Alaska tours and make for an amazing trip with lots to see including salmon rivers containing the bright red’s of a spawning sockeye salmon, an Grizzly Alaska bear feeding on the fuits a fishing creek or fishing river has to offer, enhancing the experience that much more.

The slow pace of life in places like seward, copper river or kenai Alaska, gives people a feeling of belonging and closeness to nature with the possibility to explore any Alaska river for a chinook salmon on the shoreline or even in fishing boats and take it in at their own pace. It’s this same slow pace and lack of commercial fishing, the salmon fisheries has thrived up north and created a great opportunity for fishing charters who may own Alaska salmon fishing lodges to have successful lives during the fishing season.

Most Alaska fly fishing guides or guides in general, love the fact that they reside in a remote area, and live in Alaska cabins under a great big sky that allows them to live a simple and different life than what most people are used to. It’s almost like going back in time when you knew your neighbor and could go out your back yard to drop a line in “your” river and easily hook a coho salmon on a salmon fly!

The fact that people live a great life up north is a testament to the fact that a trip up north to an Alaska lodge, will produce friendly service from fly guides or Alaska salmon fishing lodges that offer these excursions and will take you home to memories that you will never forget and pictures that will be burnt in your mind for years to come until your next chartered fishing trip.

In the mean time check out these places that are located in Alaska that are popular locations for Alaska salmon fishing guides.

Suggestions for salmon fishing guides in Alaska
Copper River salmon
Sitka Alaska
Kenai Alaska
Copper Rriver Alaska
Kodiak Alaska
Whittier Alaska
Seward Alaska
Ketchikan Alaska
Kodiak Island Alaska
Valdez Alaska
Homer Alaska
Alaska Island
Alaska Bay
Soldotna Alaska
Juneau Alaska
Alaska Kenai Peninsula
Yukon Alaska
Anchorage Alaska
Prince William Sound Alaska
Southeast Alaska
Alaska Lake
Cook Inlet Alaska