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The number of fishing accessories available today can be quite staggering. This article will discuss specialty lines & wire for salmon fishing, what to look for, what they mean, and how and when they are used.

Specialty Lines

 You have probably heard or read (hopefully right here on gosalmonfishing.com!) about the different types of lines; monofilament, fluorocarbon, and super lines. These terms all refer for the most part to the type of material used to make up the line itself; each different type of line comes in dozens of different specialties, each suited to the preferences of the individual angler.

specialty fishing lineWhen selecting a specialty line, it is important to know the details of the fishing trip you are going to take. In the case of salmon, you may be fishing in the ocean or in the rivers of the interior, and in each case you will want a line suited to the environment and the conditions. Color is one factor when it comes to selecting a suitable specialty line for salmon; these wary fish won???t be hooked on a line that they can see.

As discussed in a previous article, fluorocarbons make the best leaders, while super lines are ideal as primary line material. In both cases, you can decrease the visibility of the lines by selecting a color suited to the outing. Clear and clear blue lines are almost invisible to fish when they are in the water, but can still be seen from above when you are casting or trolling. These are ideal lines for clear water fishing, such as out on a sunny day on the ocean or fishing a clear river spot for salmon heading upstream to spawn.


 Specialty lines & wire for salmon fishing go hand in hand. After all, what good is it to entice a wily salmon to bite on a perfect bait set up on a well selected specialty line if the salmon???s sharp teeth sever the line before you can retrieve it? You???re out a fish, a set up, and some line, making for an expensive loss, not to mention a few nerves.

Wire is one way to prevent the loss of a fish through a severing of the line; wire used as a small part of the leader will prevent those teeth (and remember they are especially well developed on those migrating spawners!) from costing you a catch.

Wire is also important when ocean fishing as it is an essential part of the downrigger makeup. Wire is stiff and resistant, making a good attachment for the large ball weights that hold the line attached to the downrigger at certain depths.

Specialty lines & wire are integral parts to salmon fishing both in the ocean and on rivers. Specialty lines will make all the difference when you are fishing areas where the salmon are particularly wary, while wires will come in useful in ensuring that fish stays on the end of the line.