Super Lines For Salmon Fishing

super lines for salmon fishing

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Why Super Lines?

Super lines for salmon fishing can make all the difference between hauling in that record and watching it swim away with your most reliable bait set up. Picture yourself out on the ocean, enjoying a nice day of drift fishing for salmon.

You can hear the ocean ripping, the call of gulls, you can see the kelp bobbing around the boat from time to time as you scan the water looking for rising fish or look towards the greenery on the shore. Then you feel a slight change in pressure on your rod, and the tip bends slightly, and you know you have a bite. You start to play the fish how you always have, but there is a lot more fight in this one than usual.

It might be that this is the biggest fish you have ever caught, but before you can get it to the boat, your primary line breaks, the result of too much use and too little strength. Superline offers some peace of mind so that this situation does not come to pass.

Super lines have a few of the same qualities as lines made from monofilament. They are much more visible in the water than fluorocarbon lines; in fact, the braided nature of these lines means that they are probably more visible to the fish than even monofilament lines are. They are therefore not ideal when it comes to leader material when salmon fishing.

What super lines are ideal for is adding some strength to your set up when it is time to play a fish. With a super line for salmon fishing as your primary?? line material, you won???t have to worry about losing a salmon on a long run ever again; this material is the strongest there is.

You can get super line manufactured from Kevlar, which is strong enough, but there are also super lines three times stronger than even the Kevlar brands. Both have a lot more strength in them than steel, and pound for pound are the some of the strongest man made materials there are.

As you might guess, there are some downfalls when it comes to using super line. This line is so strong that it does pose a risk to hands, knuckles, and palms; cuts and abrasions are always a tangible hazard when handling the line under any circumstances, and especially when playing a fish on the other end.

You will also need stronger than average tools to make any cuts to the line when you are retying your leader or winding your reel, standard snips just won???t do. Dealing with knots in superlines can also be quite a hassle, and the best way to avoid this is through precaution; always keep pressure on the line when you are retrieving it.

Super line for salmon fishing will give you peace of mind as far as line breakage in any situation, whether fishing on the ocean or on rivers and streams. Being prepared for a fight is half of the battle won, and all you have to worry about with super line as your primary line is finding out where the fish are and what they are biting on.