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Eagle Claw Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Stringer
Heavy-duty stainless steel Eagle Claw stringer with sliding stainless steel sleeve snaps. 6 ft. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Fish Stringers.



H H Lures Trotlines - Black
"The traditional trotline strategy, a secured mainline with many baited hooks, is renowned for drawing in and hooking multiple fish, especially catfish. The trotlines strong and wear-resistant mainline comes pre-rigged with 25 connected drop lines. These



Magic Bait Big Catch Trotline with Stainless Steel Clips
"Pre-rigged Magic Bait Big Catch sports 25 stainless steel clips with brass swivels, plastic spacers molded onto the main line every 4-ft., 25 4/9 hooks and 25 droplines. Length: 150 ft. Type: Trotlines."



Tackle Beacon Rod-N-Bobb's Catfish Trotline Kit - stainless steel
"Tempt and catch catfish with the Tackle Beacon Rod-N-Bobbs Catfish Trotline Kit. It delivers everything you need to rig your own trotline in one convenient package. Includes 150 ft. of 320-lb.-test mainline with 4-ft. spacers, 25 stainless steel swivel c



Tackle Beacon Rod-N-Bobb's Trotline Clips - stainless steel
The Tackle Beacon Rod-N-Bobbs Trotline Clips easily clip onto the main line of your trotline. Stainless steel construction offers maximum strength and corrosion resistance for long-lasting performance season after season. Recommended for catfish. Per 25.



Tackle Beacon Rod-N-Bobb's Catfish Trotline EZ Winder
Tackle Beacon has equipped the Rod-N-Bobbs Catfish Trotline EZ Winder with pivoting handles so you can quickly and easily retrieve those big cats. Constructed of durable ABS plastic for strength. Floats if dropped in water. Type: Trotlines.



WRIGHT MCGILL CO Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Big-Eye Trotline Hook
"The Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Big-Eye Trotline Hook helps fishermen hook more fish and hold them, thanks to its functional shape. The Offset Hook features a big eye and a 95% lip hook rate, so the fish cannot escape. The Circle Sea hook is scient


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