Fly Assortment Packs

fly assortment packsFor the avid angler, a fly assortment pack can be the difference between a day that???s a drag and a day where a couple of different strategies leads to eventual success.

Let???s take a look at why a purchasing a pack of flies is advantageous, and what to look for in a good pack.

The advantages of a fly pack

The first big advantage that will happen when you buy a pack of flies instead of purchasing each separately is that you will save some money.

Flies themselves are not too expensive, but a good angler wants to cut costs wherever possible in order to buy that top of the line reel. Every penny saved is a penny towards that big goal, so the five or ten dollars you save buying flies in packs can go towards more pressing needs.

The other advantages of buying assortments of flies come when you get out into the great outdoors. If you happen to lose a fly on a bad back swing, or if a fish bites on one and then takes your leader, you???ll still have an identical model to hand. This is pretty useful when the lost fly is getting a lot of hits.

While a fish biting on your favorite fly and getting away with it is a bad scenario, it is better than the alternative, namely that no fish are biting at all on what you have on the leader. The purchase of fly assortment packs means that you have a number of flies at your disposal, so you can make a couple of changes to try to tempt those elusive fish to your hook.

What to look for in a fly assortment pack

Fly assortment packs can be bought species specific or as an even broader variety. Species specific fly packs will include some familiar models and be titled with the name of the fish they are tailored for; steelhead fly packs, for example.

Most steelhead anglers are well aware of the justified reputation of these fighters, hard to land but even harder to hook in the first place. An assortment means that you can try out a few flies when you can see the steelhead but they just don???t seem to be rising.

Steelhead packs in particular can come in quite a few varieties because of the different circumstances under which these fish are sought. Winter and summer run steelheads will bite on different flies, and the color is usually what will reflect the different runs; sunny days mean colorful flies, while clouds mean darker ones.

Having a really large fly assortment pack at your disposal also means that if you are out after salmon but they are just not going for anything, you can switch over to a fly meant for trout. More than one angler has taken advantage of fly assortment packs when a specific species just isn???t biting, and when it comes to salmon trout flies can be just as enticing as those designed specifically for the tricky fish.