Hardbait – Stick Baits

Stick baits come in both hard and soft material, but in this quick blurb, we’ll cover the hardbait. Stickbaits are fun because they provide lot’s of action as long as they are in the water. The natural instincts are very strong with fish and manufacturers like Rapala, Berkley, Salmo and Yo-Zuri are awesome at replicating baits that will get the fish to attack no matter the depth, temperature of the water or time of day!

Stick baits are commonly referred to as “jerk baits” as well, because they are often fished across the surface of the water skipping and splashing to trigger the hunger and instincts of even the most illusive fish. Although these baits don’t often go below 5 feet, the depth used to fish these baits is often tempting enough to get fish below that depth to strike.

Anglers who haven’t used this type of lure before should try to move the bait in a rythymic rod tip bounce to get the action of the hard bait to work as designed. It’s also important to take into consideration time of year. Remember that early in the season bait fish are still naturally small, so replicate this with the size you decide to put in the water by choosing a smaller stickbait and leave the real bigguns’ til later in the season.

For a rod and reel that will serve it’s purpose well with this particular tackle, try using a spin cast or spinning combo and it’s important to note that you may get a few tangles in your line if you’re a first timer due to the weight of the lure. The light weight often leaves the line allot more loose than one with heavy tackle on the end of the line, creating tension that will help the line reel in tightly.

I like a shad bream and blue combo and occasionally silver to catch fish during the summer months, but when the water is colored I’ll move to a brighter more visible color that is easier for the fish to detect. Tight lines!

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