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Swimbaits are best used for bass fishing and the amount of swim baits and quality Huddleston or S Pro baits to name a couple, is baffling!  Your swimbait rod and reel is easy to organize, but if you’re going to be spending some dough on high quality or handmade trout or bass swimbaits, you’ll want to make sure you take the time and organize them in your tackle box so they are well kept and protected!

But hey! time and money are a few easy investments if you want to catch some lunkers. Organized and protected swimbaits, like any other tackle, is vital. So that next time you buy some painted swimmers or spend some extra cash on your favorite hardbait keep that tip in mind. Tight lines!

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YUM Money Minnow Swimbaits - 3-1/2' - Hitch
When money fish are all that matters, you can count on a YUM Money Minnow soft swimbait's lifelike finish and proven swimming action to start a big-time feeding frenzy. Proven highly effective in major tournaments, the YUM Money Minnow is known as one of


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