Jigs for Steelhead and Salmon


Cabela's Sickle Hook Salmon/Steelhead Jig - Black
"When a fish takes hold of your Cabelas Sickle Hook Salmon and Steelhead Jig, the bend in the hook keeps the fish from being able to turn the hook and shake loose. The sickle hooks unique bend positions the bait in a natural state. Ultrastrong 3/0 black-n



Eagle Claw Salmon/Steelhead Jig - Black
"Target salmon and steelhead with this compact jig. Per 4. Sizes: 1/8 oz. 1/4 oz. Colors: (002)Pearl Pink, (003)Pink White, (004)Pearl Orange, (009)Black, (010)Flourescent Pink, (012)Blue/Pink, (013)Pink/Black, (018)Flourescent Red. Cancer and Reproductiv