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C H Lures CLures No-Alibi Trolling Feather Mono Rigged - Black
"A favorite of saltwater anglers since it was first introduced in 1926, CH Lures, No-Alibi Trolling Feather continues to prove it can outfish lures born yesterday. Rig these lead-head lures with natural baits or troll plain for dolphinfish, kingfish and t



MirrOlure Deep 25'+ Diver 111MR Trolling Lure - Black
"From freshwater pike to saltwater predators such as tuna, stripers, groupers, dorado, blues, wahoo and more, few predator game fish can resist the wiggle, flash and rattle of MirrOlures Deep 25+ Diver Trolling Lure. MirrOlure fish-calling rattles emit so



Rapala Saltwater Husky Magnum Trolling Lure - Blue
"Run it fast and deep Rapalas Saltwater Husky Magnum Trolling Lure attracts pole-bending strikes from large inshore game fish. Lifelike and totally tempting, its translucent body, internal scale pattern, flash foil and high-frequency rattle combine to com